The management of irregular corneal conditions (in non-diseased eyes) including keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post-penetrating keratoplasty, post-radial keratotomy and post-LASIK surgery very often requires a large diameter GP material to help maximize visual acuity while ensuring optimum eye health. To address that need, Lagado offers TYRO (Dk 97) in a variety of large diameter blanks.

Lagado large diameter products are also available as an Enhanced Shouldered Blank. With a back surface precut and a radiused front surface shoulder, the Lagado ESB can help reduce cycle times during lathing by as much as 40 seconds a lens. Simply shouldering the button only removes 13% of the material – the ESB form removes more than twice as much, up to a 40% reduction in volume, leading to a significant reduction in relapping costs.

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TYRO-97 is an ideal high Dk lens material for the management of irregular corneal conditions.


Oxygen Permeability (Dk) 97
Refractive Index 1.440
Wetting Angle < 25°
Hardness (Shore) D/80
Specific Gravity 1.12
Large Diameter Stock Colors See Lagado Products Guide


  • Highly permeable material – Dk 97
  • Formulated to achieve a critical balance of rigidity, durability, wettability and stability
  • Outstanding surface properties
  • Offers greater rigidity and lower flexibility compared to other high Dk materials
  • Available for all corneal diameter lenses and most scleral lens designs
  • Shouldered, flat and ESB blanks available in 17mm and 21mm.
  • Custom dimensions available upon request.
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