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Exceptional vision care products for the specialty contact lens industry.


Groundbreaking Technology on the Way: Patented Ultra-Dk GP Material, currently available internationally, will come to the US market following FDA clearance. What makes this product unique is the substantial Dk increase over existing products. Increases in Dk are critical for today’s large diameter lenses and overnight orthokeratology. Check back periodically or leave your contact information so that we can alert you upon FDA clearance.

lens effect acuity 100 banner

lens effect acuity 100 banner

GP Materials
Acuity Polymers is dedicated to bringing to market the highest quality GP materials for the specialty lens industry. Using novel state-of-the-art process technology, Acuity produces highly consistent products that meet very tight specifications.

The Acuity Polymers portfolio includes a full range of fluoropolymers, from low and mid Dk up to high and hyper Dk GP materials suitable for all types of designs and wearing modalities.
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1667 Lake Ave. Building 59, Suite 303 Rochester, NY. 14615 USA.
+1 (585) 458 8409
Toll Free: 888-POLYMER (765-9637)

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